Bastian Schweinsteiger after Germany wins the World Cup

A post-Winter Soldier rec list


There’s been an incredible, overwhelming glut of really great Steve/Bucky stories in the wake of Captain America: The Winter SoldierOf the ones I’ve managed to read so far, here are a few of my favorites. 

  • lost my fear of falling by wistful_joy (Gradual, gorgeous post-Winter Soldier recovery with the best ending anyone could ever have come up with. Pretty and perfectly-paced). 
  • what we find in the telling by faberga (Steve tells people about Bucky Barnes. Poignant and lovely and so beautifully written).
  • To make bright and clear your path by lanyon (Utterly gorgeous scenes from Bucky’s fragmented, but healing, mind. The best characterization in all the land.)
  • Take this pulse with you by honeypuffed (Bucky listens to Steve’s heartbeat. Spans seventy years, from pre-WWII, to post-Winter Soldier. Lovely). 
  • Bed and Breakfast by pizzacakes1234 (Bucky recovers and Steve tries to help. Desperately beautiful imagery).
  • Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin’ Boy by ifeelbetter (Bucky gives Sam tips for the care and feeding of one Steve Rogers. Funny and well-written and fun).
  • there is thunder in our hearts by beardsley (Steve and Sam take Bucky on a trip. Bucky’s re-learning himself and they’re re-learning each other. Melancholy and stunningly-written).
  • you wanted a taste of it by haipollai (Body-swap. Steve’s looking for Bucky and finds him in the most unexpected way. Painful and gorgeous with just the loveliest ending). 
  • It’s Not Home Without You by DaftPunk_DeLorean (Bucky shows up at Steve’s apartment. Perfect, soul-wrenching hurt/comfort).
  • the cold calculus of war by occamstireiron (Bucky, still very much the Winter Soldier, tries to figure out why Steve Rogers is wasting all his time on a broken asset. Gorgeous and sad). 
  • young hearts, out of our minds by junko (The post-Winter Soldier fluff we all need. Steve and Bucky being adorable dorks)
Title: Do I Wanna Know (Split)
Artist: Artic Monkeys
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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know (Split)

The left ear is the original version while the right ear is an acoustic version of the song which I found here. Make sure you use headphones!

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I could write a song
using only the letters
living in your name.

Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)
but the hearts of men are easily corrupted,
and the ring has a will of its own...


cry me a lake by justin timberriver